maybe im being selfish. but i think i have the right to be. so what if i think this way. i need him back in my life. every night i think of him, before i go to sleep. i pray for him to be alright, as soon as i wake up. i hope that he has a great day. i miss him what do i do...



everyday i hope to unwrap a present given to me from you.
i wake up in the morning, hoping for the best day to come.
i see your smiling face thinking my present has arrived.
but..today is just not the day.
maybe not today, tomorrow, or even the next.
all i know is that my present is waiting to be unwrapped.
can you guess?...my present is you..unwrapped meaning that i can once again hold you...
time is all we need..whoo hoo!!


where and how did i start to fall
fall to the point where i cant get up.
i cant go back, or make things change,
i can only hope for the best in any way.

im not a choosy person that wants everything in life.
i only want little things and for them to go right.
when i tell you what i want, of course its gonna be the truth.
that no matter what anyone else says, i shall always want you.