dobbie doobie do


im hearing things...im going bananas
songebob is now mine. Sleep with him for the past 2 nights..=*)


i like this better...im having so much more fun.. i miss spongebob..they took it back...no fair


im walking away from all the problems in my life. im not saying that i dont care, but all i know is that im just gonna leave things where they are. if at one moment things might change .. then its gonna change .. time is the only answer
*if i ever love again* ... love is such an incredible word. shall i ever love again? ... naw ... i think i would like things to remain how they are ... and if i do start to fall in love .. i might just walk away ....


i was reading a friends blog. it made me wonder and start to think. have you ever wondered if there was a certain someone out there for and for you only? have i met him? is someone getting in the way of our true love? am i afraid to say whats on my mind? am i caught up in acting like a friend? is that certain someone right under my nose, and im having difficulties seeing him? will i ever find that one true love that fairy tales claim is so wonderful? does he see something in me that he doesnt see in anyone else?..questions questions questions...but shall they ever be answered?


its funny how...you can say something and realy mean it. except like a month or more later. you dont care...