Happy birthday mother

happy happy happy birthday! love you mother..i think were gonna eat out tonight..yumie


Im not gonna be a hater. Why should i not like her? Do i have a big reason? I dont have anything against her, in fact i'm happy for her! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY..! At times it seems like she wants me to be jealous though. Which i am in a small way, but nothing harsh..i still luv the girl!!! shoot..u know me..i aint gonna hate like that


my friend

If there ever comes a time when you need me to help you, Just call my name and I'll be there. I promise I'll forget about problems occuring in my life, and pay attention to yours. If your lonly and need a hug, I'll give you a hug, and a high five with it. It doesnt matter the time or day. If you see me with other friends or maybe im busy, just come up to me and bother me. I dont care, just come to me and i'll be there..

saturday August 18, 2001

mood: freezing cold
color: grey *sweat pants are warm*
SONG: selfish...nsync


Thursday August 16, 2001

People these days can be pretty confusing. One minute = lets go here. Next second = no wait lets go here instead! Please my friends, make up yer mind..Today wasnt that bad. Hung out with friends..and saw some that didnt bother saying hello. You would think that even though they dont feel the same way as they did in the past, they would still say hello. I dont know..maybe there jsut scared of me. Did i look different today? I highly think no.
Why do people think im tripping? Is it possible to be trippin when your sitting down, you have no shoe laces, or your shoe laces are tied tight? I dont understand, but as far as im concerned this person thinks i am...

fellow friend:umm...that rachel s 0camp0 is kinda trippen 0ut 0ver sum stupid shit

whatever you say..or in my words...whatever floats your boat


if i saw a shooting/ falling star, i would wish that i could have you in my arms. or maybe just that you can feel the same way i do..

my wish:
to be happy...whoo hoo


Happy Happy Birthday to You..Happy Happy Birthday to You

happy birthday jessieca...hmm..what shall i get you? lets see...hey i got it! wanna know? do you really? i guess yer just gonna have to wait..smiles...hugs.....
you knoe...nevermind..scratch that thought...delete and erase.



Even though im not supposed to go out, my mom suggested that after i get done cooking i should drop by the commissary to go shopping for her. So being the girl that i am i decided to go all the way to P.S.N.S. in the hot sun and get some basic things we are lacking in our house. Not even being in there for 3 minutes, i say hello to one of the AUNTIES.

Auntie: Hey rachel, how are you
me: im alright, and you?
Auntie: Im o.k., you look pretty..and your happy..WHY..are you in love?
me: in love? *in head...its not love its lonliness...* uhm no autnie im not in love
Auntie: Wheres your boyfriend?
me: What boy friend..i dont have one...
me: bye auntie, do you know where my mom is...Lane 1..super


seems that our family has been eating out lately..red lobster last week..osaka last week..red lobster yesterda..hakata today..haha..if your wondering why..lets just say we had a small problem..im outs..smiles..


Its a whole new world out there, you see things you've never seen, do things you've never done, acted in a way you've never acted before. Have you heard of that song :

A Whole New World

A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view.
No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we are dreaming..
A whole new world..

anyway...like my singing...i think it sucks!