June 12-13-14, 2001

For the past 3 days..it has sucked...i hate it! every month i hate coming around to those 3 days. do you think its possible to keep those days? or just sleep in!

:*) <~~~~~// do you see my smile..it has a certain meaning to it..do you get it?sad but true.time to go correct papers..bye now

No More Stalling, No more Sqeaks, No More Running Around Those Really Cool Brakes

Have you seen me driving my car around town? I dont mean my van..i mean my car..thats right friends..after a year or more driving around witht he van we found a pretty good car. yeah baby! :*)


daily horoscope

Greetings Rachel --

Here is your horoscope for Thursday, June 14:
Temper your eagerness with a measure of caution. Ask yourself how
much it will cost, how long it will take and what kind of trouble
it might bring. Sketch your idea in full before proposing it.


:*)..get it?


im tired of using the school's computer..i think its time for my mom to give me back my internet.

1. We get our long distance taken away..i didnt really care.
2. We get our cable television taken away..just cuz we've been haveing extended calbe for free for the last few years.
3. Our computer breaks down and it takes months to get it fixed
4. and now since we have our somputer back we have no internet..argh!
5. oh yeah..and now my parents are forcing me to go to the Phillipines with them, when only months ago i had a choice whether or not i had to go...deng it

my goodness and my mother wonders why i go out with my friends all the time. If only i had something at home to do besides homework, chores, laundry.
Lack of Sleep

On a daily/nightly basis, you need an average of 8 hours of sleep. A little while ago i heard on 20/20 that if you lose hours of sleep, you cant get it back. im not sure if thats true! For a while now, I've been lacking hours..either i sleep early and still stay longer in bed or i sleep late and yet i still wake up late. The other night i slept at 8:30..pretty earlie dont you think? I think my sleeping habits have been strange since i got back from the hospital! dang it..im so sleepy...i cant drive..shoot! argh..watch out for me on the road..i might crash into you! syke!


look in my eyes..what do you see?

do you know what i've gone through, have you seen what i've seen?
i dont think you know me,
all you see is just a fake picture of what you think of me..

think hard if you can say that you know me..maybe your wrong
you know what? wanna know a secret? its really a good one...lifes a bitch...=*)..who cares..im out