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mood: got a headache
saying: hmm...lets see...
color: blue

thoughts on today

you cant make everybody like you. no matter how nice or sweet you are, some one out there doenst think that way. but think of this. do you think it matters to me if you dont like me? it doesnt really matter me. if your gonna hate on me, go ahead..have fun while doing it..kuz it must be sumthing very important to you. all i say is that im sorry i couldnt be your friend..im outs..


in less than a month i have final exams, papers, projects, and routines due! stressing! this hasnt been my month latly. i have alot of things to do and ive been procrastinating with most of it! need to start getting back into track..argh! and being sick isnt helping at all! damn it..how can i get a cold when its not that cold outside! shoot...im out