Happy birthday Janet...Happy early birthday to to eddie edrosa...(April 30. 2001)
Time and time again things happen that are uncontrolable. Most of the time you just have to live with it and get on with your life. This time i dont think im able to get over it and move on. Every where i look and every place i turn i see someone thats mad at me or has something against me. For the last few weeks things have gone on that has made me really emotional and sensitive. Yesterday, we received our Sadie Hawkins picture from April 14, 2001. Everyone was really excited about seeing how their picture turned out. As for myself, i was really excited to see the pictures we took. I took a couple picture, a group picture with 6 other people, and another group picture with over 20 people in it. While shooting the picture, my boyfriend wanted to KISS my neck. We thought it wouldnt have been cute and sweet. Other people thought otherwise, especially Kuya Jamie it seemed that he thought differently. I found out what everyone thought about it, and it made me to break down and cry. I ended up blowing up at someone for the reason they got mad. Kuya thought that he was sucking on my neck, which he wasnt. he was just kissing my neck and thats it. If people wanna think that, all i ahve to say is go ahead, think what you think, but do u really know whats going on? or exactly what happend? i dont understand why people gotta get mad about little things when everyone at O.H.S. went through a dramatic stage and our friend past away. We should realize that little things can trun out to be something big. dont get mad over little things kuz if you get mad at someone they might end up doing something bout it...whatever..forget this..im out


besides the fact that friends are mad at me. ive been really happy lately. i hope some of you guys are as happy as me, if your not then you will be soon..love you guys...4*14*2001
earlier this morning was the first time i cried in like a week or so. when i cried before it was from missing someone, but this time its different. instead of missing someone, i could be losing someone, or more like some people. once again i've gotten my friends mad at me. i've tired to deal with it, by just pushing it aside like its nothing. its not working though. i've said this before. im not perfect, and i've never been perfect. people make mistakes, but what am i supposed to do about. forgive and forget. normally when ever i cried i turned to one of the muskeeteers, but what happens if they are the ones that are mad at you? i know what to do, you hol dit inside like its nothing, and dont worry about it. time to put on a fake smile and let everyone know that nothings wrong. im out...

argh..computer still getting fixed..


hey guys...well im at my ading jessica's house right now...i took a nap and nowwere singing songs....sounds fun..i think i should be getting home..love you guys...miss you...
I've had a gret spring break and I've actually been happy lately..arent you happy for me..but as for my computer i think im not going to be able to on for a little while. so this i going ot be my last posting..or my few to last...if i can get a hold of another computer...ading jessica skipped some of her class so we can go to burger king. i have 3rd lunch so i didnt skip any classes. anyway...i think im going to be in a great mood. ading jessica and i havent fought in a long time..and thats great...=*)

here are some links that you can visit while im a way..maybe i might be in some of them..who knows...=*)

team blog
ading jessica

ill put the rest later..someone else has got to use the comp....laters....


haha...forget about missing him..its his lost...shoot! =*)..i was reading some of my old blogs..i still miss him, but im handling myself very well i think..im out..love you guys
Advice for Wednesday April 4
Ever heard that line:
Smile, since you never know when someone might be falling in love with that smile.

In other words just be happy, when you meet someone show your happy and funny personality rather than your gloomy depressed one. =*). In the past I've hidden my sad emotions by always smiling and being happy. Recently, I havent had to fake it. My smile is real! I hope this real feelings last, Im sick of the depressed mood. In an hour my parents, me and my ading jessica, are heading to Western Washington for a few days to explore the Rain Forest..Sounds fun..I cant wait to get back already and we havent left yet...heheĀ². Well i better finish getting ready..Take care everybody. Smile for me..


Second Thoughts

What I once thought would be the best thing to do, is now becoming unclear. I thought it would be best not to tell the truth, but it ended up becoming more of a lie and a big mistake. I tried covering up for things that I've done in the past. The lie ended up being something that i lived on. Im sorry you had to find out that way. I didnt know how to tell you. You looked up to me like a sister should, and now what do u see me as? Everything has changed, we see eachother differently, maybe more innocent, devilish, stupid, or just ignorant and rude. Or at least thats what you think of me. Its the past now, and I've tried to change but just form that one mistake it ruined me forever. Maybe I'm not the perfect romodel that I was portrayed as. As my friends parents look up to me, they dont see what you and I see...It would be totally different if they knew the truth dont you think? All i can say is that im not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It was almost a year ago..