What The Fuck Do U Take Me For?
What Kind Of Person U Think I Am?
I Aint Just A Stupid Chick
Who EveryOne Thinks They UnderStand.
I Got My Own Reasons To Do The Things I Do,
So Please Dont Even Ask Me..
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

Im Not Having A Bad Day,
In Fact, Im Just In The Thinking Stage.
If You Happen To Think Im Trippen..Bitch You Better Pay Attention
Im Telling You The Truth, From My Own Point Of View.
I Aint Gonna Let It Slide, Not Just Gonna Let It Fade
I Aint Gonna Be Twisted Around In Your Own Little Maze.
So If You Happen To Think That What You Do/Say
Wont Get To Me..Better Think Again Since The Truth
Has Already Been Let Free..Dont Lie..Just Be Honest!


Whoo Hoo...2 Months For Jessieca and Dwinson..