I Love My Mystery Man. Do You? You Better Not..shoot
I guess lately its been kinda hecktik! Nothing big nor small going down more like the same old shit..hey hey..uh..just wanted to say that i was sitll alive and that this blog is still active...im outs


It isnt very often, that i find myself happy beyond compare. Its either too good to be true or either it isnt real at all. I lost alot of people in my life, and it seems that i've lost 2 within time. Possible for the way i act or maybe just something i did. I could apologize as many times, to try and make it right. But it seems we've let too many little things turn into something big and what was done will remain unfixed. It hurts to think of what will happen in the future. How most moments you not there, when each memory is made i cant have you in them, and each time that was shared is the only thing i can reminice on. What once was, might not ever be again.


Look Deep Into My Eyes,
and Know That Im For Real.
Look Closely and See My Intentions,
For Your Heart I Want To Steal.
Put Your Heart In The Palm Of My Hand,
Let Me Show It How I Love It True.
I Promise I'll Always Be There.
Can I Run My Fingers Through Your Hair?
Can I Feel The Soothness Of Your Cheek?
Can I Enter Your Mind And Soul?
I Can Love You The Way You Want,
Trust Me With All Your Heart.
Believe Me When I Tell You,
My Heart Aches When Were Apart.
Can You Feel The Power Of My Simple Words,
Reaching Out To Fill Your Desires?
Can You Feel The Warmth and Passion Inside?
As Your Heart Sets Afire.
The Skipping Of Your Heartbeat.
The Tingle In Your Spine.
Examples of Feelings I Want You to Feel.
and I Promise If Your Mine,
This Is Just A Vision Of Love.
So Much As Hold You In My Arms.
Feel My Gentle Touch Of Security
Let Me Keep You Safe From Harm.
May I Whisper To You Softly?
May I Say Whats On My Mind?
May I Take This Moment To Convince You
That My Love For You Will Grow In Time.
Your Smiles Takes My Breath Away
Your Worth More Than Silver And Gold.
Your Hands Are Smooth and Precious,
To Perfect To Kiss and Hold.
Your Eyes Are Warming and Inviting
A Future Seen With Just One Glance.
We Can Experience Happiness For Eternity
If We Only Take A Chance.