one of the worst things to fight about:
I've come to realize that one of the worst things you can argue about is something so small and unimportant. Why do we let such small things take over in our lifes? Why has it come to such a big deal that we end up hating eachother? TWICE not ONCE, TWICE..A couple of days ago I let something small come in the way between me and my ading. Although everything between us is getting better. Im sad at the fact that i let something so ridiculous and unmeaningful get in the way. And now..i've found my self in a situation i dont even wanna be in. I can hardly remember what are we arguing about. I think its cuz i want them to comeover but i dont want to pick them up. Maybe i just want to feel loved that for once someone is coming out of there way to see me, instead of me going there to see them! Is that too much to ask for? Maybe (as always) its my fault? If you dont wanna come over then dont, im not gonna force you. I wouldnt care for you any less if you dont, or even care for you more than i already do if you did.
i lub you..why whould i get mad at that..dont worry im fine..big girl now!


i feel like meagan
i cant stand this shit anymore. I love you with all my heart, but what am i to do when it seems like your always mad at me. Maybe i am assuming this shit. Who knows. But what can i do? If you wanna act like this towards me then i aint gonna stop you. I just feel like when im starting to become happy that noone is happy for me..


The best thing to have in the morning when you get a little sleep the night before is...a short white chocalate mocha with 2 straws. Yummie! I think i should get back to my work..I lub you mystery man..


I'm not gonna compare you
to the past guys in my life.
You can not even be compared
to all the things we went through.

Just look into my eyes while tightly holding my hand,
whispering you'll never let me go and forever we will stand.

I take a look at all the things that have gone through in my life
I realize that none of it all matters kuz i have you by my side.

mystery man where are u


Look deep into my eyes,
And know that im for real.
Look closely, and see my intentions
For you heart i want to still.
I can love you the way you want.
Trust me with all my heart.
Believe me when i tell you,
My heart aches when were apart.
Can you feel the power of my simple words?
Can you feel the the warmth and passion inside, As your heart sets afire?
And i promise if you mine,
This is just a vision of love.
May i take this moment to convince you
that my love for you will grow in time.
A future seen with just one glance
We can experience things for eternity
If we only take a chance.

Copyrighted....2001 October 1st..Created By: JbM..


*my love for you will grow in time*
I think i have pretty bad aim. I cant throw a fruit snack. haha =*)..i think i should get back to my assignment...