for some reason i thought that if you see someone you know they normally say hi, except for today! i saw some of my close friends..but they didnt say hello. maybe they didnt see me. but how? im not that horrible, am i? or maybe they thought it was someone else. but how? does anyone in this town look like me? or maybe they just didnt wanna say hello..who knows..unexplainable


no milk

have you ever wanted to have cereal in the morning, except when you went for the milk. there was none? it seems thats the 3rd time that has happened. whats going on? i thoughti was the only one who used that milk..no fair..i want cereal



Yesterday was my buddy's birthday. BIG 17..one more year till your 18..i wish i could say that..i got months till then..well hoped you enjoyed your birthday..=*)..want a cinnabon? you should of came by yesterday, i would of treated you to something, theres always this week..
News Flash

Hot off the press... NO CAVATIES..i think im pretty happy about that. No more dentist for about 6 months..But wait that means I have to get a check-up around my birthday..Nevermind about being happy..screw that..NO FAIR..


why do people think i had a good time? i was gone for 2 weeks and events occured that has changed my outlook on certain things. Do you realize that you cant change things in the past? You can only hope the best for the future. I know im not perfect, and that I cant get what I want. But i try..


say what....is it true..huh..i dont understand...dont mess with my mind..you dont even know!