All the things I've said or thought were right before has suddenly become unclear and different. Havent been able to right down my thoughts for yesterday, and i wasnt planning to do a blog today but o well! Yesterday, my friend Sheila and I sang at the 11:30 mass. It was supposed to be the so called *3 musketeers* , but it should be the *3 munchkins* J/p..but i guess we had a pretty good first turn out, i was mostly lip sinking, SYKE..its not like you can hear my voice anyway! Had confirmation yesterday, found out that i have so many things going on this month! shoot wanna knoe?

FEB 27: piano
FEB 28: 2nd grade class then youth group...me and ading JESSICA are gonna play POOL
MARCH 3: rayer day retreat in SEATTLE and then that night also OLY NIGHT
MARCH 6: piano
MARCH 15: recital rehearsal
MARCH 25: RECITAL and confirmation retreat @ vashon island ( dont know if i can go to that )..I hate this!

last night i had the hardest time sleeping, wonder why? then today @ school. i basically had no ambition/inspiration to day anything! in gymnastics class i didnt know what i was doing, like i never did it before! dude..whats going on with me?i cant concentrate..one of the worst things, i cant concentrate playing the piano, not good!


I feel that im not getting through to you..or maybe you just dont wanna see the way i feel for you? I tried so many times to tell you that I still care, and from all that i think i' ve grown from I like you and I care for you, to I really LOVE you.

Promises have always said that they are never meant to be broken.
So would the promises we made count?

I PROMISE to never hurt you, or ever make you cry.
I PROMISE I'll always be there standing by your side.

If I wanted to hold you hand, would you accept and never want to let go?
If I said I cared, would say you cared for me too?
If I told you that i love you, would you be scared and run away?
If I said I wanted you in my life, would you want me in yours?
* I love you*


decided to change the title..you like? kuz i do! =*)..im watching the filipino channel and it has kids seeing a song wanna knoe what it is?

where we would be without love?
where would we be without the love and emotion,
where we will be in the long run.
where we will be with out someone we can share it with..
where would we be with out love. .
where we would be with out love?

cute dont you think? i think its aww...! smile..kuz it what i do when i dont wanna show how im really feeling....shhhh!
hey check this out..its my second time..whoa! =P...I think today is just one of them days where everybody gotta be up in peoples face. o well no biggie! shoot...i got yelled at from my parents today. All i could say was " Im not even doiny anything". Too many things in my life to worry bout this stuff...im out...til next time =*)
check my posting for today..